It slowly creeps up on us each year. Christmas…yes I said it! We have not even finished autumn, not that we even had a summer, but yet here we are coming up to winter. I like the nights of winter. The heating being on, the darkness encroaching on us as we slump around the house in onesies and slippers. Children love this time of year because they know that they will get Cozmo for Christmas…if they are good.

Sweet treats and alcohol are tempting us in, ignoring the warnings from the doctors and dentists to keep a good routine with our health. There is just one thing that is missing when it comes to winter/yule and Christmas in particular.


We know advent exists because we have advent calendars. Little paper boxes of joy being keenly torn open; a chocolate treat inside. Or for those who are more traditional, the advent candle that is burned down each day. But what about Advent? Not many want to do the whole sleeping, silently following the Christ child’s journey. Not many seem too bothered about the hope that is about to burst forth onto the earth in the form of a baby. Christ incarnate, The God- child that is Emmanuel.

This advent I encourage you to spend time in scripture and in prayer, thinking about Christ and His coming upon the earth. It’s good to spend time alone with God, especially with all the busyness of the world whizzing around us. How will you spend Advent? Who are you waiting to see at Christmas? Waiting…it’s not something we are that good at. Advent is a time of patience and reflection. It’s a time of peace, and that is what is so desperately needed in this world. So while you are sipping on an eggnog latte, just have a quiet conversation with God about Advent, and see what it is you need to say or do to make this Advent memorable.



Author: swmakarios

All round creative artsy person who loves Christ. I also love coffee way too much. Secretly I have always wanted a sausage dog.