An Eco Friendly Halloween

As Samhain is about to welcome itself into being, thoughts from many parents turn to pumpkin carving, costumes and sweets. Here I have a few tricks up my sleeve I wanted to share with you for a Eco Friendly Halloween!

Pumpkins. If you can buy from a local farm. Not only will the farms really appreciate this but you are helping to give to local business’ in your area. Plus you know that your pumpkin has come from a local source. The pumpkin you get may also not look like supermarket pumpkins which are made to measure for a particular audience. Your pumpkin from the farm may be a lot larger or a different shape to the supermarket ones. Its great that you engage your children and their friends with what real fruit and vegetables look like!

Just a little thought, for those that are really creative you can construct a pumpkin out of felt!

After the delight of carving a pumpkin for Halloween, and you have had fun with it, you can easily dispose of the pumpkin by putting it in your compost heap. Oh you thought after you carved it that would be the end of it? Why not try the left overs in a soup, or stew? There are lots of pumpkin recipes on the internet for you. Don’t forget that if you live near a big park or woods you can leave the pumpkin in the tree’s for wildlife to eat. Don’t leave it on the ground though as hedgehogs cannot use a pumpkin as it doesn’t make a very good home and acts as a laxative!

Costumes, well it’s all about getting creative with makeup. Did you know the makeup brand Barry M is cruelty free and inexpensive? Try their makeup jewels and makeup to create some spooky creations!

Trick or Treat. You can in theory use baskets made out of felt or wool for this activity. They would take some prepping in advance but it would be worth it to save on those plastic buckets. And what to do to save on those plastic sweet wrappers for trick or treating? Well if you are a resident to Southampton like me you can visit Vegan Store Rice Up for some healthier sweets that don’t leave a nasty sting in the tail when it comes to dental health. Vegan friendly sweets at reasonable prices. Their is also fruit! How many children will be given a custard apple for a treat?

Fireworks displays. I know pets can become quite frightened before fireworks commence and during. Bach Rescue Remedy in their water bowel may help especially if their vet has said yes to this. A trip to your vet may be helpful in getting some tips to calm animals before fireworks take off. A warm bed and you nearby are whats really needed for any pet. I would not recommend cats staying outside during firework season either.

Let me know your best pumpkin recipes and what you get up to when it comes to Halloween/Samhain.


Images are from Google Search, they are not mine. If you know whose images these are please let me know so I can credit them!

Author: swmakarios

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