Trick or Treat? Diabetes management.

So it’s come round so quickly this year Halloween hasn’t it? The issue of trick or treating has probably come up in your house if you have children. But what to do with children who have diabetes? Well if they are young enough for you to go with them, then make sure they eat before they go out so they will not be very hungry. Encourage them to collect sweets but to actually eat them when you are back at home. This way you can easily keep track of what they are eating so you can work out what to bolus for.

Some sweets have no nutritional information on the packets, its best to avoid these if at all possible. Why not have some sweets in the house that does have the carbohydrates on them and swap them for the sweets that do not have the carbs on them. There are plenty of sugar free sweets around, but please don’t use the diabetic sweets or chocolate as they can cause an upset stomach. Don’t forget the old tip of cutting up fruit such as apple and dipping it into dark chocolate. A nice treat but with far less sugar than a conventional sweet. or introduce new foods such as custard apples.

If your child is old enough to go trick or treating with friends on their own, again make sure they eat before they go. When they are out do let any adults know that there is a diabetic child with them, and hopefully if you can help them to help your child during a hypo if one occurs. Would it be possible to ring you if anything should occur? Cover all bases. You may think they have enough sweets to treat a hypo but remember not all sugar raises blood sugars quickly enough. It is wise that your child takes some hypo treatments with them regardless of the amount of sweets they have collected.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween.


Author: swmakarios

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