Life Coaching or Counselling?

Life Coaching or Counselling? Its a valid question for anyone considering hiring in some help with a difficult area of life. Counselling does not give you answers, it helps you to find the answer itself. Counselling looks back through your history and you talk to the counsellor about the things that have troubled you or those things that have made you.

Life Coaching is different. It only looks backwards on your past to get a brief glimpse of where you came from. Life Coaching is about looking forward, discussing methods that work. It is about setting goals and going over those problems that stop you achieving your goals until you have met them.

Life Coaching differs from Counselling in the respect that there is that goal setting and achievement gaining mentality. If you are stuck in a rut in any area of your life it is useful to discuss it with a Coach who can help you analyze the problem and together use tools to help you overcome obstacles and issues.

Coaching wants the very best for you, it does not focus on the past and work its way up from there, it goes with you directly to the source of the issue and helps you move forward with a plan of action. Life Coaches such as myself may employ all manner of tools to help you move forward. Tools such as prayer, art, painting, mandalas, CBT, Hypnosis, Meditation and Mindfulness.

A good Coach will also help you to be referred to another body should the need arise. I would have no problem referring a client to a counsellor should any painful and long term issue arise.

I hope this blog post has been helpful in showing the difference between a Counsellor and a Coach. I have personally trained in a form of Counselling and of course I am studying Life Coaching currently.

Be Blessed.


Author: swmakarios

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