Tory rule; what do we do now?

Upon waking a few mornings ago I saw the election UK result and discovered the Tories had won the seat of power and we were now officially under a Tory government.

I voted Labour. I am usually a Green Party women but this year it was a two horse race and I preferred Corbyn’s manifesto to the Conservative manifesto. Lots of people were and still are angry. However I have John 1:5 tattooed across my chest and that is there for a reason. The Light shines in the Darkness and the Darkness has not overcome it. It may look like that light has been snuffed out, but it has not, it has merely flickered.

So what do we do now? My first thoughts were to emigrate to Spain. I lay down and started going through a mental checklist to the pro’s and con’s of living in Spain. However my son 8, is Type 1 Diabetic and as it stands I cannot afford his healthcare costs in another country. Thank God the NHS offers us his insulin for free and may the NHS remain free for all who walk through its doors. I am not naive, I know the Tories are privatising the NHS and the NHS is in my prayers that it will be the brilliant institute that it is for many more years to come, and will remain free for all.

I noticed on my FaceBook page, others had the same thought as me to run away and not subject their children to another 5+ years of austerity. The future looks bleak, I know, but there is hope. The Tories cannot suppress truth. The truth of the gospel is available to all and in these challenging times may the aspect of Christian thoughts be on loving thy neighbour. Love cannot be suppressed, truth cannot be held down and may every Christian be granted discernment to see the agenda behind such policies as the Tories hold, and the wisdom to deal effectively with such agenda’s.

So what can we all do in these challenging times? We can , all of us, get together and help each other out. Community is essential here. Local shops, business’ and churches all working together to unite against division and to engage with the community as a whole. Together the Tories cannot stop love, together we can overcome many difficulties and help our fellow neighbour and friend.

Toegther we can…

Help and lean on each other and give to the poor. Set the oppressed free. Isaiah 58:6-11

Donate to foodbanks

Set up Foodbanks in areas that do not have one

Set up clothing banks, people need warmth as well as food.

Buy homeless people food and hot drinks

Ask your church to consider doing a night shelter for the homeless

Set up a free breakfast club for all in your church, if it has room and a kitchen.

Shop locally, support local business with whatever you need.

Sign whatever petitions you can get your hands on for good causes like saving the NHS.

Volunteer at places of need, like churches, foodbanks, libraries. sure starts

Start a bible study group for everyone in the community

Invest your time at TimeBanks where you give people your time to combat loneliness. Invest in the poor and give them your time. James 1:27

Set up a community hub of information/pop up cafe and be a helping hand or listening ear to someone.

Invite your neighbour to dinner. We need to rely on each other so get to know one another.

Donate toys and clothing to charity

Give freely and with a glad heart. Deuteronomy 15:10-11

Raise awareness of a need via social media.

Stay informed about what is happening in your community.

Offer to cook a meal for the local community, at your local church.

Buy food vouchers for homeless units

Invest in supporting charities such as women’s aid, donate welcome packs to them.

Offer your skills for free to people who may need them to start a business, or just to get by. Such things as floristry, counselling, knitting, arts and crafts etc. Or just to build people up, things like CV writing, cookery, living within a budget. All useful life skills that we need to function.

If everyone in their community all did there bit, then each community would be built up and then this on a large scale would be pretty unstoppable.

We can all sit down and eat together, share stories and help each other with whatever problems we have. This is how to survive Tory rule…together.

Be Blessed.


Author: swmakarios

All round creative artsy person who loves Christ. I also love coffee way too much. Secretly I have always wanted a sausage dog.

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