New moon to 1st quarter; 1st-2nd and 24th – 31st. Sow crops that develop below ground. Dig the soil.

Spring Equinox falls on 20th March at 03.50.

Pussy willow catkins burst open and clouds of blackthorn blossom appear, its flowers white with long yellow stamens against the still-bare spikey black stems.

It is nest building time for the birds. Female blackbirds build their sturdy nests low in the hedgerow, while female robins build a dome-shaped nest from grass, leaves, and moss on which they lay their pale, speckled eggs.

This month if the weather behaves itself and warms up you can start to make sowings outdoors, but do so on areas where the soil is warmed by cloches.

Vegetables; wild garlic, sorrel, kale, winter cauliflowers, chard, spinach, spring onions, chicory.

Herbs; winter savory, parsley, chervil, coriander, rosemary, bay, and sage.

Author: swmakarios

All round creative artsy person who loves Christ. I also love coffee way too much. Secretly I have always wanted a sausage dog.

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