Help for body, mind and soul during Covid-19 outbreak.

There is much uncertainty in the world at the moment. There certainly is a darkness that has swept across the land. You cannot control what others do or what events may come your way but you can control how you react…how you respond to these events. How best to gain a little control? Pause..deep breathing and more pausing. Ever heard Be still and know I am God? Its hard to sit still but it is so essential and nourishing for the soul to do this. Meditation really calms the mind and if done at the start of the day can be immensely beneficial. Take some time after you get out of bed to find a quiet warm spot and just to close your eyes, focus on whats in your mind. The aim here is not to clear your mind but to let it still. If a thought comes along just let it pass and go back to being still. This really helps with anxiety and if practised every day for just 10 minutes you will find that you are functioning a little calmer and less rushed.After your meditation, try and take some light exercise. Its important to give your body exercise, it likes to move!

A brisk walk around the block may be all you need to benefit from the from the

feel good factor. If you cant get out at the moment then walking around your flat or up and down the stairs will get your heart pumping. This is stress relieving and so so rewarding for your body and mind.Next you need a good breakfast. Porridge has slow release carbs and topped with walnuts, pumpkin and hemp seeds and some juicy berries will really perk your body up. It is everything you need for a healthy start. Nettles are in season at the moment, if you can find some nettle, nettle tea is wonderfully invigorating.

There is light in the darkness and you are basking in that light, that positivity when you meditate, or simply reading your bible for those who find meditation difficult. Remember we come from a world where we would usually be at work, so to switch to a quieter mode may come as a shock for some.

One things for sure, this virus has brought people closer and communities together. We are each others light, we possess the tools to heal and nurture. Parents are spending more time with their children and have started homeschooling. Children will always remember this time that parents and carers spent a lot of time with them. When it comes to going back to work in a few months, I wonder how many of you are thinking about how to spend more time with the children? Maybe this fast paced life is really not for you? Perhaps you could take the time now to re evaluate where in life you want to go?Lots to think about.



Author: swmakarios

All round creative artsy person who loves Christ. I also love coffee way too much. Secretly I have always wanted a sausage dog.

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