Nearly there!

Just an update to you all about my life coaching training. I have nearly completed my course! I still have a few more assignments to do but I am working really hard to the best of my abilities. I still have to write up a course that is teachable after I have completed my training.

I have also nearly completed my naturopathy course that I will use alongside my counselling. I will be offering face to face 1-1 counselling sessions in the future. I have a lot of work to do including recording some meditation CD’s and getting some merchandise set up to sell on this site. I have not forgotten about you and I am aware that there are some of you waiting to start your healing journey with me. Please be a little patient, I promise you won’t have to wait any longer than necessary.

I hope you are all well and safe and that you continue to be at peace.

Be Blessed.


Author: swmakarios

All round creative artsy person who loves Christ. I also love coffee way too much. Secretly I have always wanted a sausage dog.

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