Help for body, mind and soul during Covid-19 outbreak.

There is much uncertainty in the world at the moment. There certainly is a darkness that has swept across the land. You cannot control what others do or what events may come your way but you can control how you react…how you respond to these events. How best to gain a little control? Pause..deep breathingContinue reading “Help for body, mind and soul during Covid-19 outbreak.”

Tory rule; what do we do now?

Upon waking a few mornings ago I saw the election UK result and discovered the Tories had won the seat of power and we were now officially under a Tory government. I voted Labour. I am usually a Green Party women but this year it was a two horse race and I preferred Corbyn’s manifestoContinue reading “Tory rule; what do we do now?”

Mental Health: Keeping your cool this winter.

Winter rolls on by but for some reason despite everyone being so busy and cheery, you are struggling to raise a glass of Advocaat to keep the cold out. There is something you can do to help beat the cold weather, and that’s self care. Whether you have a mental illness or not these tipsContinue reading “Mental Health: Keeping your cool this winter.”

Life Coaching or Counselling?

Life Coaching or Counselling? Its a valid question for anyone considering hiring in some help with a difficult area of life. Counselling does not give you answers, it helps you to find the answer itself. Counselling looks back through your history and you talk to the counsellor about the things that have troubled you orContinue reading “Life Coaching or Counselling?”

The Clocks going back and Diabetes.26/10/2019

And so here we are again, that time of year where we get an extra hour in bed. However as I have a young son who is Type 1 Diabetic, it matters not to me whether I go bed earlier or later. I am up with my husband checking my sons blood sugar levels anyway!Continue reading “The Clocks going back and Diabetes.26/10/2019”